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  • What is considered a restraining order in Colorado?

  • A restraining order is a court order that prohibits contact between two parties to prevent one party from injuring or harassing the other.
  • What is a temporary restraining order (TRO)?

  • A temporary restraining order (TRO) is a type of restraining order that is typically issued to prevent imminent danger to one party and goes into effect immediately after the defendant, or adverse party is served with the order. Temporary restraining orders typically last 14 days and can be extended up to 120 days.
  • What is a permanent restraining order (PRO)?

  • Permanent restraining orders can last forever and are ordered after a judge makes a finding of good cause to warrant such an order being issued. The adverse party does not need to attend the PRO hearing, but the restrained party must be served with the order for it to take effect.
  • What is an emergency protection order (EPO)?

  • Emergency protection orders are issued by police if they find that the victim is in danger of sexual abuse or domestic violence and it is outside normal court hours. These types of orders only last 3 days and are made to be only a bridge solution to allow the victim time to go to court to get a TPO or permanent restraining order.
  • How long does a restraining order last in Colorado?

  • A temporary restraining order, or TRO, typically lasts 14 days but can be extended up to 120 days depending on the circumstances. A permanent restraining order, or PRO, on the other hand is just that – it’s permanent.

Do You Need Help with a Restraining Order in Highlands Ranch?

Do you have fears for your safety or the safety of those around you? A restraining order can grant you the protection you need. An experienced Highlands Ranch Restraining Orders Attorney will take your case as seriously as you do. They will immediately get to work ensuring this protection is filed correctly… and as fast as possible. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your protection — Matt Chaput will advocate on your behalf and get your restraining order granted. Need help? Contact us now.

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If you have been a victim of domestic violence, domestic assault, or any other violent crime… you’re probably feeling rather frightened. Wondering what stands between you and your abuser in the future. Want to stop the harassment? — You can file a restraining order to prevent the other party from coming anywhere near you, your work, and your home.

Being harassed by someone or living in fear is the last thing anyone should have to deal with. It can affect your mental health and well-being, as well as your job. Work with an experienced Highlands Ranch Restraining Orders Attorney to get a restraining order and stop the harassment immediately.

When you hire an attorney it becomes their job to advocate on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome. If you want help getting the protection you deserve or you need someone to give you straightforward, no-pressure advice on what you should do next, call Matt Chaput.

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Have You Been Served A Restraining Order?

Our extensive experience in handling restraining orders and criminal defense matters has made Chaput Law an excellent resource for defending against these orders. We understand the impact that a restraining order can have on an individual. You can be forced from your home, lose access to your children, your family. In many cases we see our clients being wrongfully accused or persecuted too severely for a mistake they have made.

If you have been served a restraining order — Contact a Highlands Ranch Restraining Order Attorney immediately. If you act FAST, we can work to get rid of this protection order as soon as possible.

Work with a top-rated Criminal Defense Attorney that is PROVEN to defend clients’ rights and liberties in cases regarding DUI, traffic violations, drug possession, and domestic violence in Denver, Highlands Ranch, and surrounding areas. Chaput Law will provide you with a 100% honest assessment of your charges — Schedule a FREE consultation today.


Important Facts You Should Know About Restraining Orders In Colorado:

  • It is a misdemeanor for someone to violate a court-ordered restraining order in Colorado
  • Penalties can include anywhere from 3 – 24 months in jail, depending on the case
  • Fines can range from $250 – $5,000
  • Even if your restraining order is granted, you must have the other party served for it to take effect
  • You cannot serve the other party yourself
  • You can have the local Sheriffs, a friend or family member, or a process server serve the other party



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