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  • What Is a Local Municipal Court?

  • A municipal court is a court in a city that has its own government. In simpler terms, these courts handle cases that are for incidents from within the city. For example, if a driver was given a reckless driving ticket while driving through Glendale, they would have their case heard in the Glendale Municipal Court. In most cases, you’ll need to make two appearances in court. The first appearance is the date that is listed on your ticket. If the citation isn’t severe, you can often call the court and put in your “not guilty” plea. If you plead not guilty, you’ll then have your second appearance scheduled.
  • What Cases Are Handled in Municipal Court?

  • While most residents go in front of the court because of traffic violations that may result in loss of license, there are many cases that fall under municipal law. A few of the many cases that may be heard are: 
    • Traffic violations 
    • Business disputes 
    • Contract disputes 
    • Misdemeanor cases 
    • Small claims cases 
    • Civil disputes 
    • Tax disputes or issues 
    • Housing law cases 

    If you’ve been handed a summons, you’ll want to look at the back of the document to determine which court you’re required to attend. The summons will have information on the court to attend and a specific date when your case will be heard.

  • How Do I Look Up a Municipal Court Case?

  • Glendale Municipal Court doesn’t make it easy to search for a court case online. However, you can look at your summons and call the following number to discuss case information: (303) 639-4610. If you don’t want to call the court, you can always try the Court Docket Search found hereHowever, it’s often easier to call the courthouse for clarification. If you retain the services of a lawyer, they’ll act as a direct contact to answer all of your court-related questions. Glendale Municipal Court is where the city of Glendale’s residents go when they have to appear in court. Most people pass by the courthouse and will only need to step foot in the courtroom if they’re required to go in front of a judge, typically for traffic tickets. However, the court also hears other misdemeanors.


An experienced Glendale municipal law attorney will be an important partner if you’ve been charged with a criminal offense or received a ticket for a traffic violation. A lawyer will evaluate your case, collect evidence, communicate with the prosecutor and the court, prepare and file all court documents, and fight to have your charges lowered or even dismissed.

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Glendale Municipal Court Important Information 

Glendale Municipal Court handles both traffic and misdemeanor matters. If you receive a summons, you have a right to an attorney who can help your case in many ways. First and most importantly, your attorney will act as your legal counsel and represent you in court. 

The goal of an attorney is to have the charges dropped or lowered to a less serious charge. 

Appearing in Court 

When you appear in court, you’ll first pass through a metal detector. Then, any belongings that you bring with you will be required to go through the X-ray machine to ensure that no one, including you, brings anything illegal into the courthouse. 

Ideally, try not to bring anything that may be: 

  • Considered a weapon 
  • Metal 

Even food and beverages should be kept at home or in an automobile to prevent any potential issues from occurring that would keep you from entering the courthouse.

When Would I Need to Go to Glendale Municipal Court?

Should I Hire a Denver DUI Lawyer or Criminal Defense Attorney?

Typically, you’ll receive a summons that alerts you to go to court. Most people will enter the courtroom for misdemeanor charges or when they receive a traffic ticket. Most tickets are not serious matters, but if you risk the loss of your driver’s license due to the ticket or circumstances of the ticket, the court may want you to appear.

What Will It Cost to Defend My Case In Colorado?

Glendale Municipal Court Contact Information 


950 S Birch Street, Glendale, CO 80246


General:(303) 639-4610


How Can an Attorney Help Me in Glendale Municipal Court? 

An attorney is often the best option when going to municipal court because they will help to reduce the fines and penalties against you. In addition, if you’re facing a potential loss of your driving privileges, it’s highly advised that you obtain the services of a criminal defense attorney

The attorney that you choose may be able to: 

  • Plea with the prosecutor to lower your charges 
  • Argue on your behalf to have charges dropped or lowered 
  • Save you time and money 
  • Save you from losing your license 

Your attorney will also be available to answer your questions and concerns. Often, if you’re facing the loss of your license or a misdemeanor charge, an attorney’s services can be invaluable.


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