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  • Is it worth getting a traffic attorney?

  • While you may be tempted to simply pay your ticket and move on, there are many situations where it makes sense to hire an attorney to fight the ticket for you. If you do not feel you deserve the ticket, if the ticket carries a high point value, if your insurance prices will go up, or if you might lose your license, you should absolutely speak with an experienced traffic lawyer before making a decision on how to proceed.
  • How do attorneys fight traffic tickets?

  • Depending on the particular situation, a traffic attorney will try to either negotiate the ticket or get it dropped altogether. If you were stopped illegally or if the police made a mistake, there may be grounds for dismissing the ticket.
  • Will I be required to go to traffic court for my ticket?

  • Technically, you may not be required to go to court for a traffic ticket. You may be able to simply pay the ticket and be done with it. That being said, you may be able to get a more favorable outcome for your situation if you do go to court and argue your case. Your best chance in traffic court, however, is to hire a traffic lawyer to represent you.
  • Should you plead guilty to a traffic ticket?

  • Generally, if you are trying to fight a traffic ticket you should always plead not guilty. That being said, every situation is different and before you decide how to plead for your particular case you should always speak with a traffic lawyer.


Get the help of an experienced traffic attorney on your side. As an experienced Denver traffic lawyer and DUI attorney, Matt Chaput will help advocate on your behalf and get you the best possible outcome for your traffic case. Need help? Contact us now.

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Matt Chaput, DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged with a traffic violation in Denver or the surrounding area, often the first question you may ask is whether or not you should hire an attorney. The quick answer is yes, you should always at least speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Even when I was a Deputy District Attorney I would advise people to speak with an attorney before making decisions. Having an attorney represent you in a court of law a right granted by the United States Constitution. If you are facing one or more traffic violations you may be at risk of greatly increased insurance premiums, or even the loss of your license. A Denver Traffic Lawyer can help explain the impact that your particular charges may cause.

Traffic violations are far more nuanced than one may think, and an experienced Denver traffic Lawyer can work through the details with you and help you make an informed decision. Without a traffic attorney, you may not know if the police followed protocol throughout their process. A mistake by the police can have a big impact on how a case proceeds. Retaining a Denver Traffic Lawyer will put someone in your corner who knows what to look for in a case and will be able to determine the best way to proceed.

Should I Hire a Denver Traffic Lawyer?

Should I Hire a Denver Traffic Lawyer

If you are facing a charge for a traffic violation, and if you have limited knowledge of traffic laws, it’s always smart to at least speak to an experienced traffic lawyer about the options before you simply pay the ticket and move on. When you hire an attorney it becomes their duty to advocate on your behalf and fight for your rights to give you the best possible outcome for your particular situation.

If you have doubts about whether your rights were violated during or after your citation, or if you need someone to look at your situation give you straightforward, no-pressure advice on what you should expect from your case, reach out to us right away.

What Will It Cost to Defend My Case In Denver?

What Will It Cost to Defend My Case In Colorado?

The answer to that question often depends on your particular situation and your personal driving history. Of course, each case is different and you may or may not have factors involved in your case that would allow it to be dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge. The only way to know for sure is to contact us today for a free, 100% honest assessment of your situation.

Payment plans are available. Contact us today to learn more.


Here are some of the Denver Traffic Ticket types we can help with:

We are here to help defend clients against all types of traffic violations, including but not limited to:


By far the most common traffic violation, speeding tickets can carry anywhere from 1-12 points in Colorado depending on how far over the speed limit you were, and whether you were in a school or construction zone.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving tickets also vary in the severity of penalties based on the details of the situation. For a first offense, there is generally a $300 fine and 4 points against your license.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is considered a serious offense and is generally a class 2 misdemeanor traffic offense. Fines and penalties depend on the severity of the situation as well as if you have any previous reckless driving charges. Reckless driving charges can carry large fines, points against your license, and even jail time.

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