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  • What is the domestic violence law in Colorado?

  • Domestic violence (DV) in Colorado, is defined under statute 18-6-800.3 C.R.S. Domestic violence is not treated as a separate crime. Instead, domestic violence is an enhancement of the original charge of assault or battery. An enhancement of domestic violence creates stiffer penalties and requirements for those convicted.
  • What happens after you are arrested for DV?

  • If you are arrested for Domestic Violence in Colorado you will be facing serious charges. In most cases, you will be facing misdemeanor charges, unless the other party was seriously injured. If you have a prior arrest history that includes domestic violence, you will likely face harsher penalties, including the possibility of being charged with a felony. A temporary protection order will be issued against you that forbids you to contact the victim.
  • Is there a “mandatory arrest policy” in Colorado?

  • Yes, if the police have probable cause that domestic violence took place there is a mandatory arrest policy in Colorado that requires police to make an arrest.
  • How long will you go to jail for domestic violence?

  • Penalties for a Class 1 misdemeanor in Colorado range from 6 – 24 months in jail, and/or $500 – $5,000 in fines. On the other end of the spectrum, if you have been arrested for a Class 3 felony, the penalties range from 10 – 32 years in Colorado State Prison and $3,000 – $750,000 in fines.
  • Can you beat a domestic violence charge?

  • Cases involving domestic violence are taken very seriously. Once domestic violence charges have been filed, the victim is not able to drop the charges – it is completely out of their hands. If you have had DV charges filed against you, a domestic violence lawyer will be able to review your case and determine the best course of action for beating the charges.
  • How do you prove a domestic violence case?

  • While domestic violence cases are often prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, the evidence involved can be complicated and the crime can sometimes be hard to prove. Physical evidence (such as photos of damaged property or medical records from injuries) are the most common forms of evidence used when trying to prove domestic violence.
  • How long do domestic violence cases last?

  • The length of a domestic violence case will vary greatly depending on the details of the particular case. If you are facing the prospect of a domestic violence case, you should resist the urge to want to “get it over quickly and put it all behind you”. Speaking with an experienced Domestic Violence Lawyer as soon as possible will help ensure a favorable outcome in your case.
  • What happens to first time domestic violence offenders?

  • Severe punishment is still a very real possibility for first-time domestic violence offenders. Everything depends on the severity of the charges. If you are facing domestic violence charges, even if it is a first-time offense, you should contact a domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible.

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    Matt Chaput, DUI Lawyer

    If you have been charged with domestic violence or a domestic assault in Colorado, often the first question is whether you should hire an attorney. The short answer is yes, you should always speak with an attorney. Even when I was a Deputy District Attorney I would advise people to speak with an attorney before making decisions. Having an attorney is a right given to us by the United States Constitution and one that everyone should take advantage of. Being charged and convicted of a crime can impact all aspects of your life. It can affect your job, your ability to drive, ability to leave the state, and ultimately your freedom. A Denver domestic violence lawyer can help explain the impact that an assault charge will have on your life.

    Domestic violence has many technical aspects that can have lasting consequences, particularly if you have children. A conviction can make it more difficult to see your children and even results in you losing custody. If you have been arrested for domestic assault, you need an experienced Denver domestic violence lawyer that can help you make an informed decision and work towards the best outcome possible. Domestic assault charges can be difficult to prove depending on the circumstances of the case. While an arrest can come easy, it is still up to the District Attorney to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty as charged. You should talk to a lawyer before making a decision.

    Should I Hire a Denver Domestic Violence Lawyer?

    Should I Hire a Denver Domestic Violence Lawyer

    If you do not have knowledge of the law and want to increase the chances of a favorable outcome of your case, it’s always smart to at least speak to an experienced Denver domestic violence attorney about the options before you make a plea or talk to prosecutors. When you hire an attorney it becomes their job to advocate on your behalf and fight the District Attorney in court to give you the best possible outcome.

    If you have doubts about whether your rights were violated or you need someone to give you straightforward, no-pressure advice on what you should expect from your charges, pick up the phone and call now.

    What Will It Cost to Defend My Case In Denver?

    What Will It Cost to Defend My Case In Colorado?

    The answer to that question often depends on your past criminal history and the specifics of your case. In Colorado, it can be a common tactic for police and the District Attorney to list multiple charges in the police report in order to make a conviction more likely. The reality is that domestic violence charges have a relatively low conviction rate in comparison to other crimes. While this is not true 100% of the time, the reality is that in most cases, where there are no clear injuries, it is a matter of “he said, she said”. Of course, each case is different and you may or may not have factors involved in your case that would allow it to be dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge. The only way to know for sure is to contact us today for a free, honest assessment of your charges.

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    Here are some facts you should know about Domestic Violence in Colorado:

    • Domestic violence is not punished as a separate crime. When a person is convicted of a domestic assault, they are convicted of the underlying charge (i.e. “assault”, “battery”, etc).
    • All persons who are convicted of domestic violence are required to attend domestic violence classes
    • Repeat offenders face stiffer penalties. Repeated offenses may trigger the District Attorney to petition the court to declare the defendant a habitual domestic violence offender.
    • Protective orders can be issued from the court that would require you to leave the home or, in some cases, surrender any registered firearms.

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