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  • Should I hire a criminal defense attorney?

  • If you have been charged with a crime, you should always consider hiring a criminal defense attorney. An experienced attorney will give you your best chance at getting your charges reduced or even getting your case dismissed.
  • What does criminal defense attorney do?

  • Criminal defense attorneys fight for the rights of their client who has been accused of a crime. A criminal defense attorney will research the facts and evidence that the prosecution has put together, and they will work to negotiate a deal or to take the case to trial depending on the situation.
  • When should you talk to a lawyer?

  • You should contact a lawyer as soon as you have been charged with a crime. ALWAYS decline to answer questions from police and/or prosecutors until you have an attorney present. It is your right under the United States Constitution and you should always exercise this right.
  • What are good questions to ask a criminal defense lawyer?

  • When hiring a criminal defense lawyer, there are certain things you want to make sure you know about them. Some of the questions you should ask when talking to a Criminal Defense Attorney are:
    – What types of cases do you specialize in?
    – How long have you been practicing criminal law?
    – Have you ever had a case similar to mine? What was the outcome?
    – How will we communicate throughout my case?

Have You Been Arrested or Charged with A Crime?

Get the help of an experienced trial attorney on your side. As an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer and DUI attorney, Matt Chaput will help advocate on your behalf and get you the best possible outcome for your criminal case. Need help? Contact us now.

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Matt Chaput, DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime in Denver or the surrounding area, often the first question is whether or not you should hire an attorney. The quick answer is yes, you should always speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Decline to answer any questions from police or prosecutors until you speak with an attorney! Even when I was a Deputy District Attorney I would advise people to speak with an attorney before making decisions. Having an attorney present is a right given to us by the United States Constitution and one that everyone should take advantage of. If you are charged and convicted of a crime, it can impact all aspects of your life. It can affect your job, your ability to drive, ability to leave the state, and ultimately your freedom. A Denver Criminal Defense Attorney can help explain the impact that a criminal conviction will have on your life.

Criminal cases have many technical aspects and an experienced Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer can work through those aspects and help you make an informed decision. Without a criminal defense attorney, you may not know if the police followed protocol throughout their investigation and arrest. A mistake by the police during any aspect of the arrest or collection of evidence can have a big impact on how a case proceeds. You do not want to leave your livelihood and your liberty in the hands of someone you do not know. Retaining a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney will put someone in your corner who knows what to look for in a case and will be able to determine the best way to proceed.


Should I Hire a Denver DUI Lawyer or Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you have been charged with a crime and if you have limited knowledge of the law, it’s always smart to at least speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney about the options before you make a plea or talk to prosecutors. Speaking with a Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible will always help to increase the chances of a favorable outcome of your case. When you hire an attorney it becomes their duty to advocate on your behalf and fight the District Attorney in court to give you the best possible outcome for your particular situation.

If you have doubts about whether your rights were violated during or after your arrest, or if you need someone to look at your situation give you straightforward, no-pressure advice on what you should expect from your charges, reach out to us right away.


What Will It Cost to Defend My Case In Colorado?

The answer to that question often depends on your particular situation and if you have any previous criminal history. Soe factors that will have an impact on how much a criminal defense attorney will charge include whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, and how severe the particular charges and potential felonies are. Of course, each case is different and you may or may not have factors involved in your case that would allow it to be dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge. The only way to know for sure is to contact us today for a free, 100% honest assessment of your situation.

Payment plans are available. Contact us today to learn more.


Here are some of the Denver Crimes we help defend:

We are here to help defend clients against all types of criminal charges, including but not limited to:

Drug Crimes

New Colorado drug laws mean that many drug possession charges are no longer considered felonies, and instead have been reduced to misdemeanors. Even if you have been arrested for possession with intent to distribute or possession of a quantity that resulted in a felony charge, all it takes is one phone call to get a free and honest assessment of your charges.

Theft, Burglary, and Robbery

These are some of the most common types of crime in Colorado. These types of crime vary in many ways, but essentially they all fall under the umbrella of unlawfully taking someone else’s property. While each situation is different, we have the experience necessary to evaluate your case and determine the best defense strategy.


If you have been charged with DUI in Colorado you only have 7 days to request an administrative hearing with the DMV before your license is automatically suspended. Whether this is your first DUI or you’ve had several, an experienced Denver DUI Lawyer to handle your case.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can be serious business. Any assault charge is serious, but DV charges are always looked at more seriously when it involves a spouse, significant other, family member, or child. Not only are you facing potential jail time, if you have kids, but a domestic violence charge can also limit your ability to see your children if you are currently going through a divorce or separation. If you have been charged with a crime involving domestic violence, please call our office now.

Assault and Menacing

In Colorado, assault charges can be first, second, or third-degree depending on the various factors of the situation (such as the seriousness of an injury and whether or not a weapon was involved). Menacing is considered to be the threat of assault and is most often a misdemeanor (unless the threat was made with a deadly weapon). If you have been charged with assault or menacing, contact our office right away for a free consultation.

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